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The Internet era has forced companies to compete at a level that require rapid adoption of better, faster and better approaches to solving business problems. This requires a unified, synchronized approach based on a formal IT strategy that is in line with the organization’s mission, stated business goals and key processes. This calls for constructing the enterprise frameworks, applications and solutions based on a framework that is adaptive to any changes – flexible, scalable and inter-operable; while ensuring that the existing IT infrastructure is rationalized to deliver maximum value.

ENSARC can deliver measurable value to your business by applying best practice Architecture principles, models and techniques. We can help you in either a support function, assisting your team during peak periods of demand or in a leadership capacity, leveraging our deep experience across numerous engagements. Our general services within Architecture Consulting include:

  • Enterprise Architecture - equipped with knowledge of leading enterprise architecture frameworks and tools the team has established formal processes, policies, principles and guidelines to enable the enterprise to take decisions on technology directions and technology acquisition
  • Application Architecture - design applications to automate business processes and provide functionality that will help users perform business tasks.
  • Integration Architecture - design solutions that enable existing applications, packaged software offerings, networks, and systems to work together within an enterprise or among enterprises.
  • Information Architecture - focus on the data used by multiple applications, including the structure, integrity, security, and accessibility of that data.
  • Operations Architecture - design solutions to manage the infrastructure and applications used by the enterprise. This includes defining plans, strategies, and architectures for the installation, operation, migration, and management of complex information systems.
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